An excellent hunter with a positive personality. It was a pleasure to have this guy in camp and to know and make friends with him. For his efforts Shane takes home a very typical 4 by 4, not counting brow tines, on a 26 inch set of mule deer antlers. Another bush buck taken on a mid November mule deer hunt.


An excellent hunter with a positive personality....



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  • His father took the first buck John took the second. A balanced 26 inch buck with great colour and even points. The two bucks were feeding on a clover-covered pipeline. This second buck stepped out after the first was shot. A very nice trophy for any wall.
  • A great buck with a total of 10 typical points and a score pushing the record book. Taken the second last day of his hunt Dave proudly holds his monster buck with rut neck, high for the camera. Anyone should be pleased to have this trophy. With an ear spread of 20 inches can you guess the total width?
  • An excellent hunter with a positive personality. It was a pleasure to have this guy in camp and to know and make friends with him. For his efforts Shane takes home a very typical 4 by 4, not counting brow tines, on a 26 inch set of mule deer antlers. Another bush buck taken on a mid November mule deer hunt.
  • Outfitter, Louis Shilka, with his impressive mule deer buck. 29 inches wide with heavy beams is a trophy for his wall and hangs in the camp kitchen. 12 points with polished tips are a rare sight for Alberta mule deer. We are a hunting family and my son is also an outfitter.
  • My son, Kevin Shilka, took this 2 foot square mule deer buck near the end of November with a single shot and at 250 yards/meters. This mule deer buck must have has some skull damage when he was young. Check out the odd skull shape. Kevin is a second gereration outfitter.
  • Janice holds this 27 inch mule deer buck taken during the last week in November. A rough score of 175 typical points after deductions makes this trophy mule deer a wall hanger. A great lady and hopefully many more successful hunts in the future. A great mule deer buck for anyone\'s trophy wall.
  • Smiling Dave didn\'t miss when he decided to take this Alberta buck. A single shot gave him a trophy mule deer with a 26 inch spread, 7 long tines and a couple of brow tines for a total of 9 in all. Check out the height of this mule deer bucks main beams. The main beans really score up and the long tines make him very impressive.
  • On his early September hunt Willie first took his nice black bear then went after his mule deer. His second day sitting on a hill looking over a logged off section of forest this buck came running into the opening. 150 yards away it stopped for the last time and our hunter had his second trophy, a velvet buck. A great hunter, a great person and a pleasure to have hunted with him. Thanks
  • Through patience and determination this buck finally showed up for Bill and his shot did not miss the mark. Still hunting for mule deer in their feeding areas is one of the best ways to tag trophy bucks. On other occasions some driving is required. Thanks to Bill for his good shot and his skill at mule deer hunting. Once he had his deer on the ground, He said, \
  • Check out this typical monster mule deer. What a buck and second time, Alaska hunter, Steve, is proud to be holding it. The wolves took the buck down, hunter showed up and shot the buck, wolves ran off, hunter took head and rack, wolves came back for the remains. What a story of 29 inches of record book buck, Wow!
  • This 6 by 7 not counting brow tines is one heck of a buck. A score well over 210 with a spread of 34.5 inches is a trophy for anyone\'s wall. Sean\'s second buck and they just keep getting bigger. What can we get him next year that will out do this one? A great wall hanger.
  • After closely watching this alfalfa field for a couple of days we sorted out, among the many deer that were feeding, this bucks habits. After closing the distance with the pickup, circling and getting in the right position for a good shot, Mark, dropped his 25 inch trophy with a single shot.
  • Guy and Dave hold up their bucks for display in front our camp kitchen. A good back ground that shows a hint of our hunting camp indicationg the care we have for our clients and their trophies. Two happy hunters with two quality trophies for their show rooms. Wishing you the best on all your future hunts.
  • C.J. and his early season velvet buck sporting a massive 5 by 6 set of antlers with points on a very heavy frame. A quality velvet buck for any area and this buck\'s head mount will look super on any wall. Early season provides many very large velvet bucks and that time of year should not be under estimated.
  • Mike (Bear) took this 26 inch mule deer along the edge of a creek bed bordering a stubble field. A good number of future trophy mule deer bucks live along this creek bed, some we will harvest next year. Because we take a very limited number of mule deer hunters each year we hunt only during the best part of the season.
  • An enjoyable hunter to have in camp. David tagged his trophy mule deer only seconds before his son tagged his. Two mid season bucks taken together on a pipeline covered with fresh green clover. A favourite food for trophy mule deer.
  • My grandson, Rylan Shilka, with his first, Alberta mule deer buck. This young 6 x 7 x 22 inch trophy mule deer was taken with a single shot at 80 yards/meters with a 243 Winchester. What a well balanced set of antler for a first buck. Perhaps my grandson will be a 3rd. generation outfitter.
  • Bumping the record book this 28 inch mule deer buck made his last mistake and Darren\'s bullet did not miss. Check out the weight of the antlers and how this buck holds his size to the end of the tines. A heavy buck and a wall hanger I would be please to own. Good going, Darren.
  • Camouflage is not necessarily the answer but is certainly a huge improvement over garments made of nylon or other noisy materials. This expert hunter, Taunya, proved that patience, being still and soft camouflage clothing put her within close range of her 30 inch trophy.
  • A spread of 30 inches but only a score of 166 shows that spread isn\'t everything. Not always do the widest racks make the best trophies however, Reg, is all smiles as he holds this trophy in the camp kitchen. An early season hunt produced this buck in just a few hours.
  • This uncharacteristic set of monster mule deer antlers needs mounting for the conversation if nothing else. Typically wide with 12 points this antlered bushbuck ruled the woods with over 20 does. Pedicle damage created this odd set of antlers.
  • His second buck, 22 inches wide and 12 points. We tracked this trophy mule deer over a mile. Out of arrows, Art borrowed my hunting knife and jumped for his staggering wounded trophy. One flip on the buck\'s antlers and the animal landed on his side. A moment later we were taking photos.
  • On a warm November day I snuck this photo of, Frosty, holding up a 6 point Alberta mule deer buck in front of the cookhouse. Camp consists of heated cabins, outhouses, hot shower and a spacious camp kitchen with an excellent cook an great home style food.
  • This Alaska client pulled no punches. After letting two great wall hangers run, he chose to tag the next decent buck. By the end of his first day, Steve had his trophy on the ground. After leaving a deposit for next year, he headed for home the following morning.
  • Sean displays his early season trophy mule deer buck. An exceptionally heavy beamed buck with a 28 inch spread and sporting 6 points per side. Early season hunts are certainly among the best of the year for heavy beams.
  • A late october mule deer packing 12 points on its 29 inch rack and scoring and impressive 175 points unofficial. Karen proudly displays this trophy buck in front of the camp kitchen.
  • An early November hunt offered this 31 inch trophy mule deer buck to the hunter. A great spread and length to the tines put this buck close to the record book score. Late September through early November are among some of the better times for trophy mule deer bucks. Pre-rut (mid to late October) is the time for trophy bucks.
  • Gerry took this monster 34 inch trophy mule deer buck in a single shot at 250 yards. This bush buck was feeding on clover on an open line (cut line) in the woods. A great shot provided a huge trophy well into the books. Some of the best mule deer taken are on early season hunts when the bucks are still on clover and hanging with does.
  • My friend, Jon, an another of his many successful hunts in my camp. From record book moose, to trophy mule deer, he has taken them all and is still hunting. This 28 inch, 4x4 now hangs on his wall.
  • A late october 5x7x30 inch mule deer buck is a trophy for anyone\'s wall. Early or late season hunts, it does not matter, you can expect great wall hangers on any hunt. We have a very high population of mulies in our area.
  • Hidden points do not show the full dimensions of this tremendous buck. Rob took his 7 x 8 x 29 inch wide buck while still hunting during early September. One shot gave him his velvet trophy of a lifetime. This buck is now on display on a plaque in his trophy room.